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Frequently Asked Questions

Updated: February 2023

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Questions Regarding Player Eligibility

Who can play for Back Mountain Little League?

Back Mountain Little League is chartered by Little League International. To participate in our league, you must reside or attend school with our designated boundary. You can confirm your local league be accessing this link:

How do I determine my child’s “league age”?

For Tee Ball and Baseball programs, Little League's "league age" for a Spring program is the player's age as of August 31 of the current calendar year.  For example, a baseball player who is currently 10 but will turn 11 in July 2021 is considered "league age" 11 for the 2021 spring season. 

For Girls Softball programs, Little League's "league age" is the player's age as of December 31st of the previous year (year that just ended).  For example, a softball player who is turning 13 in March will still be considered "league age" 12 for the Spring softball season as they were still 12 on December 31st.

Questions Regarding, Games, Practices, and Schedules

What days are practices and games?

Practices are scheduled by the team manager. Usually, they run one practice per week in the Minor divisions and two practices per week in the Major divisions. The league schedules the games during the week and weekends. 

Teams are generally scheduled two games per week – one during the week and one on Saturday

•Weekday games usually start at 6 pm (Major division games also can start at 8 pm)

•Saturday games are typically scheduled from 9 am to 6 pm

When will the Schedule be published?

The game schedule is typically published by the middle of April once teams are finalized. The Major divisions typically start late April and runs through approximately the middle of June. The other divisions will start no later than mid May and run through the end of June. 

Where are the practices and games held?

Games can be scheduled at either the Back Mountain Little League or Bob Horlacher complexes. Also, there may be some games played at the Harvey’s Lake Little League field.  Some divisions, namely JR/SR and Major Softball could play games within District 16/31.

In addition to both of our complexes, managers may also schedule practice at surrounding areas such as Center Street Park and the Dallas School Campus.

Questions Regarding Equipment and Uniforms

What type of equipment do I need to purchase?

The basic player equipment includes a glove, a bat, and a batting helmet. Softball players are also required to wear a face shield. Each player should have their own glove. Our league does provide each team with a bag that includes bats and helmets that can be shared.  

What size bat do I need to purchase?

It typically depends on the on the size and age of the player. Below are some great online resources to help determine what bat would be best for your child. Please note Little League bats must be USA Bat certified (including Tee Ball).

What size glove do I need to purchase?

Again, it typically depends on the size and age of the player. Below is a great sources to help you.

Are uniforms provided to players?

Each child playing Baseball and Tee Ball are provided with a shirt and hat. Our Softball players are provided with a shirt and pair of socks.

What color pants are required for games?

There is no requirement for a specific color.

Are baseball/softball cleats required?

For our younger players in tee ball cleats are not necessary. As the players get older cleats are strongly recommended.  The problem with wearing nice sneakers to games and practices is the clay will stick to the sneaker.

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